Are Chiropractors Afraid of the Internet?

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A technical definition of internet marketing for chiropractors might read something like this: using the internet as a means to convey your chiropractic philosophy, gain new customers, and conduct market research. Simply stated internet marketing is the process of getting traffic to your site and then bringing them into your office. We will focus on the top two myths about internet marketing for chiropractors.

Myth #1 – There aren’t any searches online for my city and chiropractors.

This is totally false. Obviously the numbers will vary depending on how large or small your city is, but I promise you that no matter where you are people are looking for chiropractors in your area. One way to understand this is by looking in your local phone book. Why would you list your practice in the phone book if you didn’t think that people are looking there for a chiropractor? The same idea can be applied to the internet. Why wouldn’t people do a search for a local chiropractor? It may be even better than the phone book because you can display an entire site to the searcher. In the phone book you’re limited to certain information. It makes sense that people are looking for you and it pays to be found by them online. If you want a report for your city please email me and I will let you know what the numbers are for your city.

Myth #2 – The patients that come from the internet will be poor quality.

It’s no secret that many chiropractors marketing approach is the word of mouth technique. Some even go as far as to offer incredible incentives to patients that refer friends or family. They feel that by doing this they are likely to have first time patients stick around because they have already been prepared by a friend. This is a great approach and a true concept. In discussions with chiropractors about gaining new visitors from the internet they often express questions about what the new patient will be like. The simple answer is we don’t really know.

Even though you don’t know exactly what the patient will be like or what they are looking for we can be sure about what we tell them of ourselves. Having a clearly stated philosophy on our website is the key. Tell people exactly what you plan on doing when they come to see you. Give them the specifics of your practice instead of explaining what chiropractic is in a general sense because there are many other authority websites that will do a much better job. REMEMBER what they are searching for! They don’t want to learn about chiropractic in a general sense. If they did they would have searched for chiropractic. They want to find the best chiropractor in there city and learn how that chiropractor can help them. Tell them about why you are the best choice.

Ultimately you don’t know who they are and what type of patients they will become. We do know that they want quality chiropractic care and if you are a true healer that’s all that should matter right? There are more myths floating out there but these are two common misconceptions. Millions of people everyday are looking for chiropractors in their local area. They want the best possible care because they need someone who can heal them. The importance of having a web presence is becoming more and more important if you are in private practice. Embrace the technology and reach people through cyberspace.

Are Chiropractors Afraid of the Internet?