Back Pain – Is it Arthritis?

Back Pain

It is natural for anybody suffering from back pain to attempt to find out the cause of the pain. However, due to the complexity of the spine, finding the correct answer is not often so straightforward. There are a host of reasons why you may be experiencing pain in your back and, in turn, many different kinds of ailments.

One of the most common diagnoses of back pain is arthritis and a qualified health care provider can help by proposing a number of remedial options. Currently, the medical industry is undertaking research to develop new remedies for the treatment of arthritis. In the meantime, here are some of the most practical methods of alleviating arthritic pain.

Treatment Methods

It is important that, when dealing with arthritis located in your back, to ensure that your mattress literally supports your back problem. By using a mattress most suited to your condition and which gives sufficient and proper back support, you are taking significant steps to reduce stress on your back muscles and joints.

A common mistake made by many people is not employing a correct posture when in a sitting position. Regardless of how long you are seated during the course of a day, it is most important to recognize the use of correct posture as a control to your arthritis problem.

Two main ways of achieving the correct support for your back when you are seated are:

1. Purchase a chair which offers strong back support, especially in the lower back region

2. Purchase a special cushion or insert which converts any chair into a supportive and comfortable seat.

For arthritis suffers looking for additional back support, soft back braces are an option and are especially useful in cases where the spinal cord has become destabilized because of arthritis.Using this type of brace can help to eliminate further back trauma in the future. However, consideration should be given to wearing a soft back brace over a prolonged period, as it can weaken the spine and its muscles and even hamper the healing process.

Another effective option in dealing with arthritis is some kind of traction device. Either a doctor or chiropractor should be consulted to ensure the proper style best suited to your condition is chosen and to safeguard against improper fitting.


Arthritis can be well managed by following any of the alternatives described above.Although most common suffers of arthritis are older adults, younger people must still be vigilant when it comes to back care. Arthritis does not discriminate against age or gender!