Prescription Medication For Back Pain Relief

Back Pain

Many a times, you will find that the ordinary salesperson at the drug stores is as knowledgeable as the professionally qualified medical assistant. He goes through numerous prescriptions of the medical practitioners brought to the shop by the patients, and updates his day to day knowledge.

A good number of sales personnel from different drug manufacturing companies also visit the drug stores to add further to their knowledge bank. Prescription medicines are part of the life of the ever suffering humanity, with one ailment or the other.

Basically, there are two types of drugs. Over the counter drugs and prescription drugs. The distinction between the two is that of procedure and law. Over the counter medications are free for sale over the chemist’s counter. While the prescription drugs can be sold only as per the direction of a registered qualified medical practitioner.

Back pain medication is not the one that you can treat with the over the counter medications only. This is because the types and conditions of back pains are complicating. Self-medication for complicated diseases is fraught with danger.

So prescription medicines seem a way towards life. Your doctor is your friend. Follow your friend’s advice with heart. Don’t recognize your medicinal pills by their color only. Know their qualities. Question your doctor unhesitatingly about the contents of the medicine and about the ideas behind his prescribing this medicine to you!

You need to know how long the medication would be necessary and about the possible side-effects. Take proper instructions about your diet when you take the drugs prescribed by him. Don’t leave any confusion, in your mind and clear your doubts. Let the doctor know, how intelligent his patient is.

Some prescription medications demand thorough independence. They do not interact well with other drugs. The effect of one particular drug could be on a particular line whereas the other drug may react on your disease in a different manner. So tell all your details and previous medical history to your doctor.

If you have any problem with the dosage or if you had any problem with the prescribed drug in the past, it is your duty to bring it to the knowledge of the doctor. You are helping your cause by updating him everything about you.

Once this is done, follow the directions of your physician vary carefully. Don’t club your ideas with his facts.