Gel Nail or Acrylic Nail, What You Should Select


If your natural pins are not worth flaunting and you need a small help to achieving the perfect manicure, then the perfect solution is selecting between gel nail or acrylic nails. Actually, both are great options for your nails. Especially, these two nail design processes are ideal for those women who find it hard to maintain their natural nails for an awesome manicure look. Before selecting between acrylic nail powder or gel nail, it is better to understand that what the better selection for your nail design is.

One of the most popular artificial finger pins is the acrylic nail which is artificially developed and glued on the top of the natural. You get a lot of flexibilities with artificial nails. Granting your selection, you can make a rounded look or square look. The nail also can be colored in any shade you want and the result will be amazing that perfectly match your needs and these reasons make acrylic nail powder and acrylic monomer more famous

If you able to apply acrylic pins perfectly then they are long lasting because they are more durable and can be maintained at home. Besides this, they are also far cheaper than gel nails. On the other hand, often these nail system is only a nail enhancement option available at ordinary salons so it gets more popularity. They come with a matt finish and can be painted just like natural nails.

Here also have some disadvantages with acrylic pins. An improper application process can damage the natural nail bed so it is a great idea to always get these done at professional salons. Poorly applied nails can also lead your natural nails to unwanted fungal infections. Many people say that you can apply this at home but if you are not an expert and never did this before then you should avoid this at home. Going to the salon is a great idea but it can be expensive.

Gel nails also a great option for those women who are looking for artificial nail enhancement. Gel nail is the thinner option and offers a more natural look and only for this reasons it is the hottest current trend in the nail industry. But with gel, limited range of color options are available in the special gel formula, but still, they are giving acrylic nails some serious competition.

The process of applying gel does not take much time and it is an odorless process. They are very safe and pregnant women can use this. Normally, they cause less damage to the natural nail bed. The result is a natural and amazing look. While acrylic nails come with a matte finish, gel based nails have a glossier finish. They give the nails a look that is sophisticated and quite natural, and while they cost more, they also last longer.