Cosmetic Surgery – Preparing to Choose a Professional

Cosmetic Surgery

In case you plan to go through any type of cosmetic surgical procedure, I advise you to do the following:

  • First, you need to consult a cosmetic surgeon about the procedure.
  • During your preliminary consultation, talk about what you want to accomplish and know if this is attainable. Take notes regarding the discussion, preferably during the meeting. In addition, write down all the possible risks of the procedure, as advised by the doctor. According to the law, the medical practitioner should talk about all the risks involved, even though there is just a 1% probability for the risk to happen. Also make sure that the doctor tells you how much everything would cost, together with all the follow up appointments.
  • Ask if the results you like can also be achieved by means of less invasive procedure, like for instance dermal fillers instead of a facelift.
  • See to it that the doctor asks for your medical history details during the first consultation. Otherwise, go to another one.
  • Ask for a written copy of the topics discussed during the initial consultation and compare it with your own notes.
  • Ask for the name, as well as the credentials of the doctor who will be performing the surgery and treatment. Likewise, ask for the name and credentials of the anesthesiologist – if anesthesia will be used on you during the procedure.
  • Verify if the doctor has appropriate professional insurance. It is compulsory for every surgeon to have one, and you are permitted to ask for information concerning this insurance coverage.
  • Discuss the surgery in question with your GP. Though you are not legally required to do so, your medical history may reveal health problems that would make surgery put you at risk.
  • Do not just opt for the lowest cost. Price is just one of the factors to take into consideration when choosing where to go.
  • Give an allowance of at least 2 weeks from the time of the initial consultation to the surgery so you can think deeper about everything that you have discussed with the doctor. A surgeon that pressures you to have the surgery 2 weeks after the first consultation is violating the industry’s best practice guidelines, and almost certainly cannot be trusted.
  • Keep in mind that you can always change your mind at any point before the surgery, even if the procedure has been booked.
  • On the day that the surgery is scheduled, both the surgeon and anesthesiologist should visit you prior to the operation to discuss the results you want to get, the results you can expect, then discuss the risks all over again. After the surgical procedure, the surgeon could pay you a visit and give the complete details on the way the operation went, what to expect when it comes to your recovery, and the activities you could and shouldn’t do in the following days.

All things considered, think very well before going through any type of cosmetic surgical procedure or treatment. Certainly you can sue the surgeon in case things go wrong, but money cannot completely repair the damage that has been done.