How to Be a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

When getting a consultation for any surgery, it can be overwhelming the amount of requirements required in order to be the best candidate and cosmetic surgery is no different. Many people fear that there is a set cut off that can prevent them from being eligible to get a procedure done, but with proper planning anybody can be a good applicant for getting work done. While there are certain factors that can limit your selection of how much can be done, with proper communication with your surgeon you can ensure that every possible opportunity is available to you.

One of the most important factors that can cause difficulty in getting cosmetic surgery done is if you are a smoker. Many places will refuse to do more invasive procedures on patients who smoke due to possible risks that come with tobacco usage. While it may seem tempting to lie about your habit, this can be very dangerous because smoking can not only slow down the healing process on your work, but also increases the risk of complications threefold. Therefore if you are a tobacco user, it is a good idea to quit before the surgery or to at the bare minimum alert your doctor to it. They may be able to give you medication that helps smoking cessation to open up more choices to you.

While setting up an appointment with a surgeon it is also a good idea to mention any medications that you take, whether they are prescribed or over the counter, as they could have unforeseen side effects if they are unaware of them. To prevent complications during the surgery, your doctor may decide to prescribe you an alternative medication to help mitigate side effects. At this time you should also mention any prior surgeries you have had done, whether they be cosmetic or not, including any relevant details about your recovery or how you responded to anesthesia.

Another way to improve your candidacy for cosmetic surgery is to make sure you are eating a proper diet. Improper nutrition has been shown to not only slow down the healing process of any surgeries, but to also lead to more complications during the actual procedures. If you have any concerns about whether you are healthy enough to partake in an operation, consult with the cosmetic surgeon and your family physician if applicable.

Even though surgery can seem scary if the inadequate measures are taken beforehand, with proper planning and communication it can be easy to have a safe and obstacle free operation. As long as you take good care of your body and ensure your doctor is aware of any issues that may arise, it can be easy to have a beautiful surgery that lasts a lifetime.