Things You Should Do Before Undergoing A Laser Eye Surgery

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If you are determined to undergo laser eye surgery treatment, you need to be well-prepared and well-known for every aspect of it.

One of the challenging steps of having a SMILE or LASIK operation is finding the right clinic with proper art technology and an experienced surgeon. This is the most crucial step to determine the quality of surgery you will undergo in the next few days or months.

Now, if you have identified the right clinic for your SMILE or LASIK operation, you’re halfway close to a successful laser eye surgery. However, there are a few more things to do before undergoing this treatment procedure.

Check this guide till the end to know them all.

1.     Stop Wearing Contact Lens A Week Before Your Surgery

Before your surgery, you will have to stop wearing your contact lenses for about a week. Contact lenses change the shape of your cornea, making it challenging for the surgeon to get accurate assessments for the treatment. A one-week gap of not wearing the lenses will bring your cornea to the normal shape and help your doctor make precise calculations for reshaping your cornea in SMILE or LASIK operation. It is always recommended to take off hard contact lenses four weeks before the surgery.

2.     Take Time Off Work In Advance

Even if SMILE and LASIK operation are treatment procedures with minimal downtime, you will need mandatory rest after the surgery is complete. So, ensure to take time off work for at least one or two days in advance. Complete bed rest after the surgery will help you recover quickly and efficiently.

3.     Get A Helping Hand For Your After-Treatment Care

You will not be able to drive back home after the SMILE or LASIK operation because of blurred vision and drowsiness. So, it’s best to contact someone in advance that will drive you back home. Many patients can safely drive the next day for a check-up, but it’s always better not to strain your eyes and have someone to drive.

4.     Avoid Any Kind Of Makeup

You must not wear makeup for at least 24 hours before and after your SMILE or LASIK operation. This refraining yourself will help to minimize the chances of infection and enable smooth, convenient surgery. However, keep your face clean with regular wash prior to surgery to ensure the best results of the surgery. You must stay away from lotions, creams, and perfumes before the surgery.

5.     Ask Questions To Your Surgeon

If you have any doubt left prior to the surgery, you must ask those questions to the doctor. Apart from the various sources of getting information like the internet, it is best to consult the doctor. Ask for any queries like the cost of operation, after-results, or anything for clarification. This helps you alleviate stress and anxiety and build confidence for the surgery.

6.      Stay Hydrated And Avoid Caffeine And Alcohol

Eye surgery can become challenging if you drink alcohol on the day or before as it dries out the eyes. So, it’s best not to drink caffeine or alcohol on the day before the surgery. You must stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water for the best treatment results.

Ending Note

So, follow these helpful and simple tips before undergoing your eye surgery to ensure no inconvenience and get the best results.

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