Get a Beautiful Smile at Any Age With Braces

Dental Care

Just the other day, we finished orthodontic treatment for a beautiful “young lady” who interestingly has celebrated her birthday more than 50 times. It was a tremendous celebration and an achievement for us when she talked about how the changes in her smile made her feel elated. Usually while thinking of braces, most of us imagine an awkward teenager with a mouth full of metal brackets and wires. But, is it that only teenagers get braces? Is it better to get them while you are still young and is there an age limit as such? What is, after all, the perfect age for braces?

Healthy teeth can be moved and realigned at any age which directly results in the improvement of the smile of a person and thus the self-confidence. It is always advised to bring children to orthodontists approximately at an age of 7 or 8, but that should not stop adults from consulting orthodontists. Perhaps you didn’t have braces when you were younger and have been conscious of your smile ever since, or as you grew older, the bite became uncomfortable and problematic. Maybe the braces you wore during your teens had only a temporary impact and the problems resurfaced after few years? We believe that it is never too late to have a smile that you want and in the end, psychological and health benefits are worth it.

The technological advances have made it possible for Orthodontists to treat adults in a better fashion which not only suits their look and lifestyle but is also faster and more comfortable. The braces available today are less obtrusive and more comfortable than those used earlier. The availability of aligners, lingual braces and ceramic braces which are replacing the conventional braces faster than ever, makes it possible for you to go about your life without even being conscious of your braces. Also, products such as Aligners are revolutionary and are completely different in how the traditional metal style of braces fix teeth. A series of clear plastic aligners are used which help in gradually shifting the teeth into correct position. Aligners are absolutely invisible which are designed digitally according to growth projections and predictions and realign your teeth without anyone even knowing about it. Each aligner applies pressure to certain teeth and as treatment progresses, these aligners are changed accordingly. Not only they are more efficient and comfortable but are also better for overall dental hygiene.

Although, childhood is the best time to get braces, as it the time when most changes occur. However, more and more adults are seeking treatment for crooked teeth. Whether you are 10 or 50, your teeth can be realigned and make you look more beautiful. Gone are the days when only the younger generation had the option to perfect their smile, as according to the statistics from the American Association of Orthodontists, nearly a quarter of individuals opting for orthodontic treatment are adults. Misaligned teeth can aggravate health issues and cause serious trouble with time. Thus, it is always advised to get these corrective measures done irrespective of the age.