Top 10 Reasons for Buying a Home Treadmill

Fitness Equipment

Why are treadmills becoming so popular? Why does everyone

have one and not go to the gym as much? What is so great

about a home treadmill? Below you will have all of these

and many more questions answered as you are given ten

reasons for having a home treadmill.

* First, they save time. People say they don’t have enough

time to spend at work or with their family, so how could

they have time to go to the gym. Treadmills save time

because the gym is now brought to you.

* Second, there are no more monthly or yearly gym fees.

You have to renew your gym membership at least once a year

and a typical treadmill will serve you up to 10 years or


* Third, there is the convenience factor. In the time it

would take you to get ready and drive down to the gym, you

could have already got 20-30 minutes exercising on the

treadmill in your home.

* Fourth, it works for whole family. As with most gym

equipment that requires age to use some of the heavier

stuff, a treadmill only requires that you can walk to use

it because it can set speeds for you and your family.

* Fifth, people have been shown to stick to an exercise

regimen that involves a treadmill because you can do other

stuff while you are exercising. This means that there is

not the typical boredom factor that is present in most

workout routines.

* Sixth, there is no weathering out days where the weather

outside and dictate what you are doing on the treadmill.

As they can be put outside and insider, there is never an

excuse on why you did not get to exercise today.

* SeventhΒΈ it provides and easy setup for anyone and allows

for anyone to be able to use it because it denies the usual

complexity that most equipment of this magnitude possesses.

* Eighth, it is much easier to multitask and do other

things, such as reading a book or watching a video, while

using a treadmill than it is while doing other exercises.

* Ninth, if you are runner, walker, or jogger it is easier

on your joints than running on asphalt or grass as the

surface pads on a treadmill are much more forgiving than

the ground or pavement are.

* Tenth, it is close to a ten year investment to your

health as most treadmills last at least ten years.

For the price of treadmills and the benefits of owning one,

they are the perfect compliment for anyone looking to build

a home gym.


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