A Brief Overview on Breast Lifting Surgery


Also known as mastopexy, breast lifting is a surgical procedure that aims at removing loose skin and tightening the breast. This results in a firmer and well-packed breast. Women seek this breast lift surgery due to a number of reasons.


Naturally, during pregnancy, certain body processes caused by hormones cause the breast to enlarge. This overstretches the ligaments holding them in positions, and after delivering, the breasts remain in a sagging position.

Changes in weight 

If you take on a fatty plus size body, your breast skin will stretch to accommodate expanding organs. After losing weight, the stretched skin will not come back to its original position. This automatically sags your tits.

Gravitational pull 

Gravity is another natural cause of saggy breasts. It pulls breast muscle ligaments downwards.

Can your breast lift surgery be a forever solution?

Despite visiting the best breast lift surgeon, the outcomes may vary after each session from patient to patient. Some breast lifts last longer, while others are short-lived. The latter is frustrating for patients. To answer how long a breast lift surgery lasts, we have compiled some stunning factors.


Your skin plays a great role in determining how long the implants will last. Patients whose skin loosens due to gene traits are most likely to face the same after breast lifting. However, you can always improve your skin for better results. Eating a vegetable-based diet complemented by minerals will iron out wrinkly skin, thus making the breast lift last long. You may also quit smoking since it leads to premature aging and invest more time in exercises to wear baby-like skin.

Surgery method 

Irrespective of the surgeon’s experience, the surgery method determines how long the breast lift surgery stands. Breast lifting methods that only remove a portion of the skin are short-lived. On the other hand, if your surgeon goes a little deeper and chops off some fatty tissues from the breast, then the lifting will stand a chance to cross over to the next decade.

How to prepare for a breast lifting session 

Before immersing in a life-changing decision such as breast lifting, it is essential you do prior preparations. This will prepare you psychologically, and so will your body respond well to the new changes. You might want to consider these early preparation tips for breast lifting.

  • Be prepared to answer questions related to your medical history

It is common practice in the medical fraternity to see doctors ask questions about their client’s history. During your turn, be open to the doctor and tell him about your family’s history.

  •         Get ready for a physical examination of the breast

To come up with the best treatment method, the doctor will assess the size and shape of your breasts. He will mainly focus on the nipple and skin tone for better results.

  • Air out your expectation

Since breast lifting is driven by aesthetic desires, please tell the doctor how you want the new features to look. Additionally, understand the risks and benefits of every operation, such as changes in nipple sensations.

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