Medical Jobs That Can Be Done From Home


The medical industry, like most others, has recognized several needed services that nurses and administrative assistants can do at their homes. These administrators provide vital services from their laptop or desktop computer, lowering the hospital’s or treatment center’s overhead. This employment comes with a good remuneration package.

Most of these outsourcing projects have set prices; however other firms pay hourly payments. Nurses, doctors, transcriptionists, and other professionals can work from home. Click here for more details.

There are good jobs for healthcare professionals who need to work from home in any case. Medical transcribing jobs at home abound. Many businesses use transcriptionists who work from home. Most of these companies require some job experience and easy-to-get transcriptionist certification. The companies listed below provide at-home medical outsourcing services:

  • Paradigm Health Services:Paradigm hires certified nurses for full and part-time roles in Tennessee, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Mississippi. Tele-communication health positions are the majority of their at-home jobs.
  • MedQuist:Medquist offers a broader range of transcription, coding, and medical support job opportunities. Transcriptionists must have at least one year of experience working as medical transcriptionists or be a recent graduate of an AAMT-accredited transcription program.
  • Although at-home physicians are not as in demand as at-home nurses, employment is available through outsourcing services for work-at-home doctors. Telecommunications jobs account for the majority of these positions.
  • Medifax, Inc.:This company recruits medical transcriptionists from their homes all around the United States. A minimum of two years of experience is required of physicians. Many of these positions require weekend work and up to 32 hours of service per weekend. The organization has a track record of promoting employees and providing full benefits to competent physicians.
  • The Medical Transcription Industry Association: is the largest medical transcriptionist association in the United States. It is a non-profit trade group with a large job database covering medical jobs in various sectors, with a focus on transcription, billing, and coding. To utilize the database, applicants must first register, which is free.
  • Medical coders with at least 3-years of expertise in a certain clinical specialization are targeted by The Coding Network. Applicants must hold one of four certification designations: CPC, RHIA, RHIT, or CCS.
  • Work-at-Home Cigna: – Cigna Health Insurance Company has work-at-home opportunities for nurses and claims professionals.
  • Work-at-Home Organization Profile: Aetna – Aetna is a significant insurance/healthcare company with many telecommuters. Aetna is a significant outsourcer.
  • Coding-Compliance-Management: – CCM is looking for part-time ACS coders with at least 5 years of ACS special coding expertise.
  • Axolotl Corporation: – Provides work-at-home medical transcriptionists for full-time and part-time employees as well as subcontractors. Applicants must have three years of hospital experience or two years of medical transcribing experience in a multi-specialty clinic. Click on this link and learn more.

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