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As the number of COVID-19 positive cases is still increasing, getting the vaccine to protect yourself and your family is crucial. These days, getting the COVID-19 vaccine is now easier. Still, a lot of people are still scared, even doubtful of the benefits of getting it done. If you are unsure, then let these benefits help you understand why it is important to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

Reduce Risk of Infection

Any risk of coronavirus infection will be reduced if you decide to get vaccinated. On your first shot, your body will start to produce antibodies to fight coronavirus. These antibodies boost your immune system if ever you get exposed. It helps reduce your chance of getting the disease. Remember that the vaccine will not protect your body 100% and you can still get infected after you got vaccinated. But with more people getting vaccinated, ‘herd immunity’  helps protect the majority of the population.

Protection Against Severe Illness

Coronavirus makes the patient develop severe illnesses. And with the vaccine, is proven to be effective in preventing the development of severe illness in a person. So even if a vaccinated individual gets infected, there is a lower chance of becoming severely ill. And those who get infected may only experience mild to moderate symptoms compared to those who aren’t vaccinated.

Protects Unborn or Newborn Baby

Expectant mothers who get COVID-19 vaccinated create antibodies to fight against teh virus. They then pass this to their unborn baby through the placenta. Mothers who are breastfeeding also pass these antibodies to their newborn babies. And this level of immunity is crucial for babies who cannot yet get the vaccine.

Slowly Ease Back To Normal Living

Back in the day, those who are immuno-compromised are the only ones who wear masks. It is very seldom that you see anyone who wears masks and shields while in public. But when COVID-19 started, this became part of the health protocols. People who do not wear masks or face coverings are frowned upon.

But everyone knows that these rules will not stay forever. With the increasing number of vaccinated individuals, the world is slowly getting  back to a more normal way of living. There are now countries that ditched the masks as the majority of their population are already vaccinated against coronavirus.

COVID-19 Vaccine at Forest Hill Clinic

Forest Hill medical centre is currently one of the family clinics where you and your family can get the COVID-19 vaccine. Before you can receive the vaccine, you must provide proof of your eligibility. Visit the clinics’ website to book an appointment or get the link for the booking app for Apple and Google devices.

Should you get the COVID-19 vaccine? The choice is yours to make. Nobody is forced to get vaccinated. But you have to consider the benefits when you do get vaccinated. So if you are ready, visit the Forest Hill medical clinic website to book an appointment.

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