Home video-EEG service: Get An Accurate And Effective Outcome

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Who says EEG is only possible at a medical center? If you are a patient and have the mood of not going out at home, but necessary to get an EEG as soon as possible, Seer Medical offers you a home video EEG service.

What is a home video EEG?

Video EEG is the present recommendation, a gold standard for diagnosing dissociative seizures. An increasingly patient record to get attacks on mobile devices or phones at home. The recordings are very useful as they may vary; the onset can miss and the quality of the recording might be poor. According to the Epilepsy Foundation, a Video EEG test can be performed at home or even in an outpatient setting, such as an EEG lab.

In the EEG lab, the patient is monitored by video and EEG for hours a day.

Is it painful?

EEG can never be painful. The brain activity is monitored, which means the tested to get a record for analysis. Neurofeedback or EEG is performed to test the brain activity of the patient, and why seizures occur to get the findings. Epilepsy conditions can be unsafe to some because they are experiencing the said condition, but nothing happened to them.

However, when seizure attacks, it is never safe, especially when you are in public places or dangerous areas. A patient might fall with their head strike hard or solid areas, which is too risky. To have home EEG at home, you can monitor the activity of the brain, especially when consecutive seizures happen.

After the home video EEG is done, you can send it to Seer Medical. The healthcare center will handle the record carefully and make an analysis. The patient can wait for the result and even doctors can send the online prescription. Yes, almost everything today can be easy and no hassle. A medical center can always provide healthcare services even if patients are not around.

Thanks to the advanced technology!

Is home video EEG safe?

Since home video EEG is made available, it shows an indication of being safe. When the testing is performed in a hospital, several safety steps will be taken. There are monitoring units with different physical layouts allowing the staff to watch the patient closely. But, it is not the same with the home video EEG.

If you are living on your own and you have nothing to call for help, even your neighbors, you can still be safe from seizure attacks. Have the home video EEG available at home. The Ambulatory EEG monitoring device records your brain activity while at home. The patient can record up to 72 hours.

The chance of recording a situation or the abnormal changes of the brain wave patterns is possible while at home. A very thank you to the device and the medical center for providing a home video EEG service.

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