Is hormone replacement therapy safe for everyone?

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Hormone replacement therapy is recently getting popular in people of the ages above 50 years because hormones in the body start decreasing with time. As you age, the level of hormones falls, resulting in several health issues linked to the body. But when the artificial hormones are injected into the body, the body can get the level of the hormones back in it, and one might feel energetic and healthy back again. But then there are risks involved in it too.

Several studies and surveys linked to hormone replacement therapy have helped doctors and researchers know well about the effects of the introduction of these hormones in the body. The Miami hormone replacement therapy has successfully worked on these issues and has revealed many results in this case. Here we have gathered the high lights from the results that were found from the studies. This will help you learn more about this therapy and know what to expect from it if you go for it.

  • The first result that came out from the study revealed that the people who were given this therapy had shown betterment in the diseases linked to the heart. The low levels of hormones in the body resulted in the increased waist size, increased cholesterol, increased blood pressure, and elevated blood sugar. But with the testing of this hormone on them, it was found that these issues were decreased in them, and they became better medically.
  • When the study was observed on the men of different age groups, starting from 57 and ending at 63 and above, it was found that the hormone therapy had positive results to reveal on all the men from all the age groups. So the age is not an issue when you are going for hormone therapy.
  • The death rate in the people was also observed in the study, and the men of ages from 29 to 79 were taken in this group. The study revealed that around 226 men died before the survey results came out, and most of them had died due to cardiovascular diseases and cancer. So we can say that a decrease in the number of hormones can contribute to death.

These were the results found from the study of hormone therapy, but the team was unable to predict the long-term and unknown effects of it on men.

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