We Answer Your Questions About Cellulite — Nothing But The Truth!

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By far the most widespread inquiries were from women commonly afflicted by “diet resistant” fat deposits on their hips, thighs, and butts concurrently self diagnosed as “cellulite”. The reported conditions were uncannily uniform; adjectives such as “cottage cheese,” “dimpled,” “bumpy,” and “gravel like” were common. The letters also lay claim to the fat’s stubborn nature, that no amount of diet or exercise would get rid of it.

All in all, the women writing these letters were at their wits end, frustrated that they were cursed with this deferent fat called cellulite that just won’t go away.

Well ladies, you are not alone. Millions of women, to varying degrees, are covered with cellulite making it the most common diet related problem. Millions and millions of dollars are spent each year on creams, potions, Luffa sponges, liposuction, special massages, and the like in an effort to rid the body of cellulite all to no avail. None of the available cellulite remedies work –because there is no such thing as cellulite!

In the mid seventies a Swedish doctor discovered if he attached a name to a common cosmetic problem and created a remedy for it, vanity would drive his bank account to a level he could hitherto only dream about. Boy was he right!

Almost immediately the concept of cellulite caught on. For nineteen ninety five and ten minutes each night before bed, one could apply a special cream to the afflicted area and then rub themselves raw with a long, course, natural sponge known as a Luffa and the cellulite would go away.

Well the only thing that went away was the Swedish doctor, in the direction of the setting sun driving his new Ferrari, giggling–probably still to this day –about all of the digits in his Swiss bank account. In our minds this was probably one of the greatest deceptions of all time, it’s more than 30 years later and people still think that cellulite is a viable excuse for a fat cheesy butt.

I realize that you’re probably a bit mad right now – we’re telling you something different that you’ve been led to believe for so many years – sometimes the truth is shocking, but you can use this truth to help you reach your goals much faster. So if you’re still convinced that cellulite is an honest medical condition, grab a medical dictionary the next time you visit the library and look it up. All you’ll find where the word should be is a space.

If you want to use the term “cellulite” to describe how the fat on a woman’s lower body looks, fine. We’ll accept that, however, the fat termed “cellulite” is no different from the adipose tissue residing under the skin in any other area of the body.

If there is no physical difference then why does it look different? Good question. First, you have to understand something about the skin. It’s very elastic, stretching when you move, closely following the rest of the body. In doing so it must also be attached to the body. For example, the skin covering the fingers is attached to the muscles and bone by fibrous cords called irabitclae that are far less elastic than the skin itself.

Since the connective tissue is not as elastic as the skin, it will only stretch so far while being acted on by the force of expanding fat cells. Once the cords reach their limit, and the fat cells are still expanding, the cords stop and the skin in between keeps going. The point where the connective tissue is attached to the skin is the low point of a dimple. Put a bunch of these dimples together and you have what looks like a pillow case full of gravel.

Why is cellulite so hard to get rid of? Another good question, the answer pertains to the gender specific deposits of fat. To put it simply, the areas of greater fat concentration appear to be the last to go. In order to get rid of the look of cellulite you must get rid of the fat that is causing it. Remember in the realm of normal people twenty to twenty-five percent body fat is normal for a woman, while fifteen to twenty percent is normal for a male. Most of America exceeds the upper limits of their respective group creating a forum for a whole lot of cheesy looking fat.

Dieting can be deceiving; we’ve seen women who appear skinny up top yet are hauling around quite a load down below and scream cellulite when they can’t diet it off. Even though their collar bone is sticking out and their arms are skinny, their body fat measurements are still quite high.

The bottom line is that dieting down is tough work indeed and you MUST have follow a proven system to get this fat off – otherwise you’ll end up more frustrated than anything else. It’s a lot easier to give up and blame a disorder than it is to religiously pass the bulk food section at the market and actually do 30 minutes of aerobics every day. If the diet and activity level of an average American were analyzed it would be very clear why cellulite is so common.

The plain truth is this…Body fat must be reduced in a very specific fashion. One that attacks every aspect of that fat – not just diet, not just exercise, not just a combination of diet and exercise. If you really want to melt fat from your body, you need to first properly cleanse your system for 3 – 7 days, then you need to modify your eating habits to include loads of fresh raw vegetables and several sources of lean protein, you need to drink between 1/2 – 1 gallon of water each day — yes, this all seems like a lot – we understand that – but here’s the result — if you do this, plus you throw away all those junky supplements, plus add a few other simple techniques like those found here YOU WILL GET RESULTS – results that your friends will notice, results that your spouse will notice, results that everyone will notice.