How to Pick the Right Wheelchair When Shopping at an Online Medical Supply Store


The majority of the top online medical supply stores have huge collections of wheelchairs. This makes it difficult for a layman to pick the just the right wheelchair. When buying such important medical equipment, you need to follow a few guidelines. This article will introduce you to the most essential ones among them.

Almost every single wheelchair you will come across when browsing the collection of an online medical supply store will contain a seat, a back support, and arm and foot rests. The size of each of these components, however, will vary from one model to another. Finding seat and support of right size is extremely important if you want your time on the equipment to be comfortable. The option to remove the arm or foot rests may offer closer seating to a table or desk. There will also be a difference in the size of wheel depending on the kind of chair you are using; electric, manual transport or manual standard.

Manual chairs can again be categorized into two, standard and transport. Both types are usually lightweight, which makes them extremely easy to handle, transport and push. The standard ones come with a couple of large rear wheels; on their front, they have much smaller caster wheels. This wheelchair type is the best option for you if you are looking to propel yourself. Standard manual chairs are not an option for people who don’t have the ability of moving their limbs unless they have another person available to push the unit.

If you travel often, a manual chair will allow you to fold and bring the chair everywhere you go. Another feature that lures many people to a manual chair is cost; they are often significantly less expensive than electric units.

The transport chairs come equipped with two pairs of caster wheels and are generally not meant for people looking to propel themselves. A transport chair is best for moving a person within a home, such as from a bed to a sitting area. Transport chairs are often used for short trips or errands with a person that tires easily on their feet.

If you are purchasing the wheelchair for an overweight or obese individual, don’t forget to confirm whether the product is meant for bariatric use. Models designed for bariatric use can support 300 pounds to 800 pounds. The bariatric chairs are also often referred to as heavy duty chairs or extra-wide chairs. The extra reinforcement in the construction of materials is necessary to safely and comfortably transport a person of larger size.