Common Netball Injuries

Physical Therapy

Netball injuries are very common as the sport involves sudden and forceful movements. In fact, in Australia alone, this type of injury ranks seventh among the most common sports injury in the country. Therefore, it is very important to become more familiar about it and how you can prevent such damages.

One common netball injury is overextension. A lot of players play for a long period of time. This causes too much stress and friction on the affected areas. As a result, the muscles are being used too much and are being damaged. This often occurs on the ankles and knees. This can also affect the hands and the wrist.

Another common netball injury is knee injury. The knee carries the weight of the upper body. The more you move then the more pressure the knee receives. In some cases, the joints falter and damage starts to occur. It is important to always check the condition of the knees before playing.

There are times when netball players fall or collide against each other. When this happens, they sometimes encounter bone fractures, sprains and strains depending on the impact of the accident. In worst cases, the bones may become broken or dislocated. For such conditions, it is important for the affected people to be sent the hospital immediately.

There are several ways on how you can prevent netball injures when you are playing. One way is to prepare well. You need to prepare your body for the vigorous movements you are going to do. You need to improve your body’s coordination in order for you to prevent falling or colliding with other people. You also need to do warm-up exercises every time to avoid straining your muscles too much. Another way is to learn techniques in playing the game. Netball is a game that requires control and balance. You need to be able to master these techniques if you want to avoid serious injuries to your body. You can ask your coach for help when practicing and training.

When playing netball, it is also very important that you secure the correct equipment necessary to play the game smoothly. Make sure that the floor is always dry in order to avoid slips and falls. You have to make sure that every goal post is installed properly to avoid unnecessary accidents. You should also make sure that every goal post is safe such that they are installed with the correct padding. Do not just use any shoes. You need to make sure that your footwear is comfortable and easy to move with.

In case you experience netball injuries, ask the people around you to give proper first aid. This will prevent the injury from becoming infected. It is also important to visit your doctor immediately in order for him to give proper diagnosis.