Boy or Girl: Which One Are You Having?


You have done everything you can possibly think of to determine your baby’s gender; the fun little quizzes, used a Chinese calendar, and read astrology. You figure you have some kind of idea of the sex of your baby according to these tools. However, have you…

1- Accurately Calculated Your Ovulation Date & Had Sex Accordingly

2- Adjusted Your Diet to Include Alkaline OR Acidic Foods

3- Used Deep-Penetrating OR Shallow-Penetrating Sexual Positions

These are 3 all-natural and very effective ways to guarantee the gender of your baby by 94%. If you secretly favor one gender over another, you may want to adamantly practice these 3 techniques. How do these simple techniques get me pregnant with the boy OR girl I secretly want?

#1 Accurately Calculating Your Ovulation & Having Sex According To It

One of the most vital things to do to get pregnant is to know when you’re ovulating. You have known this for awhile, but do you know why? Ovulation is a short process that releases one of your eggs to be fertilized. Since women are born with all of their eggs, it is crucial to use them wisely to get pregnant. Therefore, you need to understand when to have sex according to your ovulation date.

First and foremost, accurately calculate your ovulation date. The best way is to use an ovulation monitoring test that requires your saliva or urine. This method is more accurate than guessing according to your last menstrual cycle, especially since ovulation can vary from month to month. In order to have a boy, it is suggested you have sex a day before or during ovulation, while with a girl it can be up to 4 days prior to ovulation.

#2 Adjusting Your Diet to Include Alkaline OR Acidic Foods

Eating healthy is an important aspect for you and your baby. It is especially important when choosing the gender of your baby. If you secretly want a boy you should include foods that are alkaline, whereas with a girl you need to eat more of the acidic foods. However, you should still eat a well-balanced meal and in moderation.

#3 Using Deep-Penetrating OR Shallow-Penetrating Sexual Positions

Intercourse! One of the easiest techniques for a natural pregnancy. But, you have to be cautious of the positions you use when choosing the gender of your baby. For example, if you really want a girl, focus on using shallow-penetrating positions, whereas with a boy you want to use deep-penetrating positions.

Boy or Girl?

So, which one are you having? You don’t have to use a gender predictor tool to predict your baby’s gender. Precisely utilize these 3 all-natural methods and save the hassle of guessing. Know the gender of your baby with a 94% guarantee!