I’m Still Not Pregnant And I’m Losing Hope


What’s weird is that conception may be easy and may happen naturally for some but for others, it can take quite some time and may even take it’s toll on the perception of some women.

Some women may even think that it might result to problems within their relationship, that a family will never be complete without a child. That they think that every plan will never work out just because they failed at conception. Despite trying too hard, some just get no result at all and may even think they have already failed and have lost the opportunity of conceiving.

Most people would think that getting pregnant is a natural process that would be easy and will come along if they are in the right stage of their relationship with their partner. However, if a couple have tried to conceive for a long a time, it is inevitable that they will soon enough realize that bearing a child does not come easily to anyone who desires it. It is a fact that there are women in this world who will never experience motherhood, oftentimes, the ones who dream of having a child are the ones who are not lucky enough to conceive while those on the contrary are the ones getting pregnant. But this does not happen to all, it is important to consult experts about one’s fertility because not all are incapable of giving birth.

How sure are you that you’re not capable of conception? What about those who are capable but are just finding it hard to get pregnant? It’s not always because you’re not capable, most of the time women are capable. It’s just that they have a lot going on in their lives that they get stressed out, they do stuff that potentially reduces the chances of getting pregnant instead of focusing on the things that would increase their chances at giving birth. They worry too much instead of relaxing and planning things out carefully. Actually, a woman’s chances of giving birth is about twenty to thirty percent. It is important to understand that worrying too much about it will only cause you and your partner more stress which is not good and will probably even reduce your chances at getting pregnant.

Stress is a great contributor on why some women are still having trouble in conceiving even after a year or two of trying. It has been long debated that stress has great impact in one’s fertility and it is said that trying too hard greatly reduces the chances of getting pregnant. The more desperate you are, the more difficult it will be for you. As a couple, you would never want this to be an issue in your relationship and you should not allow it to. What is important is that both of you understand the situation and carefully understand the steps in increasing your chances rather than worrying too much about it. Optimism and a positive outlook are essential. Instead of focusing too much about it, use the time you have to be more romantic with your partner, be more passionate and enjoy the time you have with each other rather than stressing it out on why you still don’t have a baby. Eventually, sweet and passionate moments will tend to make you more relaxed, help you understand more about your partner and develop deeper appreciation for the other.

It may not come fast, but soon enough you’ll get it. Stop trying too hard and your fertility will improve and your chances will surely rise. However, if both of you have been at it for years and are still unsuccessful, it is best for both of you to consult an expert regarding your fertility and for possible treatment options or solutions. But one must not forget, that It is important to always remain positive and never lose hope.