Swimming During Pregnancy: Benefits and Dangers


While you are pregnant, one of the best exercises that you can do is swimming. There is no doubt that swimming during pregnancy can have very good effects on your overall health and your fitness as well. The swimming involves very low or no risk of injury, it is actually a low compact exercise and has excellent cardiovascular benefits too. If you swim regularly during pregnancy, you will improve your oxygen intake that is not only good for you but for your baby as well and along with that you will improve your sleeping patterns that are normally disturbed during pregnancy.

Usually, you may not want to do anything while you are pregnant because your body is consuming more energy and that is why you get tired very soon. However, it is really important to add some physical activities in your daily routine because that will be helpful for you to fight against complications during pregnancy.

In our society, women are normally told to eat for two when they are pregnant. Of course, you need more energy and hence you should be eating more food for this purpose but if you will be eating for two, you will soon gain a lot of weight.

Researches have proved that the extra amount of calories required by your body during pregnancy is only 300 calories. However, if you are eating a lot then swimming during pregnancy can be really helpful in burning those extra calories that you have collected in your body. Apart from so many benefits that swimming during pregnancy has, the best is to maintain a good weight of the body.

Gaining a lot of weight is a common issue in pregnancy. Most of the women who are not very active find themselves gaining weight day by day but you cannot do anything about it. However, if you want then you can control the amount of weight that you are gaining during pregnancy.

If you were not a regular swimmer before pregnancy, it is highly recommended not to try swimming during pregnancy then. However, if you were already a swimmer, it will not be difficult for you to keep swimming. While swimming during pregnancy, you must keep in your mind that swimming at fast pace or putting so much efforts while swimming can be dangerous for you and your baby.

Just go with the flow, try to float above the surface and swim at a slower pace. You shouldn’t spend a lot of time in water while swimming because you are not only bearing your own weight but the weight of your baby as well. Keeping this in mind, you should spend a little time in swimming and before you get tired, stop the activity. In case, if you were not a regular swimmer, you should consult with your doctor first and start swimming only if he allows it.

Make sure not to stretch your limits and keep your body at ease all the time while swimming during pregnancy.

If you are swimming in cooler months then you will definitely be swimming in an indoor pool or an outdoor warm pool. Keep in your mind to keep your body hydrated because in cooler weather you might feel to drink a lot of water. However, you must know that hydration is really important for your body and your baby too.

During pregnancy, your body requires more fluids, especially when you are exercising; fluids play an important role to keep your body cool. If you don’t drink water before, during and after swimming, you might end up dehydrating your body.

So, you should drink water before starting swimming, after every 20 minutes while swimming during pregnancy and after swimming as well. You should not be using caffeine beverages because such things can dehydrate your very easily.

If you are already a light swimmer, the breast stroke is supposed to be a good low-impact swimming practice for you. By applying this technique, you can improve your oxygen intake and in the long run. This exercise is not only easy to carry out but it also has really good effects on your body and overall health during pregnancy as well.

This exercise will also lengthen the chest muscles and get them aligned with the back muscles. This alignment will be very helpful for you during the third trimester of your pregnancy. At that time, the baby will be growing at a faster pace and putting much force on your abdomen and back bone. This alignment will help you to bear that weight and give birth to a child smoothly.

Apart from so many benefits of swimming during pregnancy, there are different dangers of swimming as well. If you don’t follow the guidelines provided by your instructor or your doctor, you might put yourself in danger by swimming for a long time or carrying out wrong technique. So, always consult with your doctor before you decide to experiment with anything.