Cold Sore Medications – Which One Is Right For You?

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It is estimated that over 80% of the general population has been infected with the herpes simplex virus. Of that total, about one third of these people will develop and get a cold sore. What can they do to treat it? What are the options?

If you, or someone you know has had cold sores, then you know first hand just how difficult it can be to find a way to heal them. Many have tried various cold sore remedies such as using ice, putting on over-the-counter creams and many other methods without having much success. Now, over the past few years there have been two FDA approved prescription medications made available in treating a cold sore. Which one is the better choice?

Denavir Cold Sore Cream

Denavir is the older of the two cold sore medications, having been FDA approved in 1996. Denavir is a cream that you apply on the cold sore, or area where it is developing, every 2 hours throughout the day. This is from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed at night. It’s important to begin treating the area where the cold sore is forming, immediately. Don’t wait until it has already broken out to get started.

Zovirax Cold Sore Cream

Zovirax is the new kid on the block so to speak, being FDA approved in 2002. Zovirax is basically the same as Denavir except in dosage. Instead of applying every 2 hours, the instructions say to apply 5 times per day for 4 days total. Like Denavir, you should apply Zovirax immediately upon signs that a cold sore is beginning to develop.

Which Is Best – Denavir Or Zovirax?

Although everyone has their own opinion, and your doctor will know the right choice for your particular case, in the studies that have been done, the choice is pretty clear. Denavir was named the prescription cold sore medication of choice.

Keep in mind that while both creams will work, nothing will permanently cure the herpes virus. Even though you will get rid of a cold sore much quicker, the virus remains in your body forever, just waiting for a time to try and break out again. But, with the advent of these newer prescription medications, at least you know there are ways to quickly heal any new cold sores that may try and develop in the future.