Getting Rid of the Teenage Pest Acne

Skin Care

Almost every teenager dreads the day acne will strike them when they least expect it. One of the biggest problems is that they begin to panic and begin trying all sorts of remedies without first hand knowledge about acne from a reliable physician or doctor. So in this article I wish to reveal a few of the best known ways to reduce and control acne. Notice I did not say cure acne, because at this moment, there is no way to instantly ‘cure’ acne, but instead you can control it. The great thing is that when you are in control, you can eventually reduce it and finally get rid of it.

One of the best solutions to a quick acne treatment today’s technology provides us with, is a simple hand held device that uses heat to zap the acne away from your skin. Heat has been known as one of the most effective ways to deal with the acne bacteria so the creation of this gadget was highly anticipated. The name of this little gadget is Zeno. You simply switch it on, place it on the areas most affected on your face and watch as the heat from Zeno destroys the bacteria. The problem with acne is that it really is a pest and keeps coming back, so its best this is done regularly. This device costs around $250.

If you can’t afford Zeno, then the ideal alternative solution for you would be the traditional, non-scented soap and warm water. Now don’t be fooled into washing five times a day. All you need to do is wash your face twice daily, one time in the morning when you wake up and the other time just before going to bed. A popular misconception is that the more you wash the better. This is not so and in fact washing your face more than twice daily will spread the acne to other non-infected areas on your face, so be careful. The warm water will also help in opening the clogged pores which cause pimples.

Another great way to eliminate acne is to frequently visit steam rooms in gymnasiums or you could simply have a steam bath at home. This again goes back to using heat to control acne. The perspiration will help cleanse the skin on your face. Do this frequently and you should have a spotless face in no time.

Although there are many other ways to eliminate acne, the above mentioned methods are amongst the best solutions for your acne problems. The reason is because most creams and ointments that doctors prescribe require three weeks of consistent usage before you can actually begin to see results. The above methods outlined will show you results within twenty four hours which is what almost if not all of us are seeking.