Skin – An Important Ingredient of Your Daily Facial Care

Skin Care

What do you ache for these days? Antioxidants? Firming ingredients in your day-time-moisturizer? Vitamins and minerals? Or maybe something that’s been a beauty secret of the famous-pretty-face centuries ago…?

A lot’s been written and said about all the ingredients that are supposed to effectively erase or conceal all kinds of unwanted signs, lines, and discoloration from our faces, hands and bodies. New potent ingredients are discovered and rediscovered every day. As a result, the beauty-care-industry is flourishing (on our wallets!). And you are the lucky one if you manage to find the product that your skin really likes.

Whatever your perfect-potion-search mission is, I’m not trying to stop you. I sincerely hope you find one and really enjoy it until finding the replacement. However, there’s an ingredient in our daily skin-care routine that’s ignored or forgotten far too often. Moreover, in my opinion it’s considerably more important than most people realize. Besides, the best things in our lives are quite often for free.

Pamper and caress – not torture your skin while cleansing, applying serums and moisturizers (or any other kind of product). Glide over your skin as lightly as the wings of the butterfly, dab lightly and gently.

Use the tips of your fingers (tips of your ring fingers around your eye-area) instead of your palms. Benefits are obvious: the treatment of your face is much more tender this way and there’s no wasting of product on your hands.

Furthermore, avoid stretching, pressing and hitting too hard. Your skin will be grateful!

While paying attention to what you’re doing, you’re expressing love and care for your facial area. In doing so, there’s a chance that you won’t have to run out anymore to buy every single new beauty product on the market. Instead, you can carry around magically happy and glowing face.