Skin – How to Take Care of Feet

Skin Care

Taking care of feet is often a neglected area of our daily body-care routine. These great parts of our bodies are carrying us around (no matter how heavy we are) all day long and all we want them to, frequently in very uncomfortable shoes and some socks that don’t even breathe.

When our feet get tired, we feel fatigued overall. If that happens to you a lot, it’s time to apply some benefits for your much needed and valuable – feet.

First of all, wear comfortable shoes. I don’t know which ones are best for you. Find a pair in which your feet feel natural. That alone will make a huge difference in the way you feel.

Second, whenever you’re wearing socks, they should be made out of a breathable material. Otherwise, your feet feel like your hands do while wearing latex gloves for a long time.

Third, your feet, just as every part of your body, deserve some loving care. At night, just before you go to bed, put some lotion or cream on your dry and clean feet. It doesn’t have to be any special kind (as long as there’s no troubled areas on your feet); almost any hand cream or regular body lotion should do.

The important thing that truly makes a difference is: don’t just apply. Take a minute or even better – two and massage the entire feet area (don’t skip a pinky toe!), apply as much lotion as necessary, and enjoy the refreshingly energizing sensation of your tiredness departing your body.

If nothing else, your hills won’t be all that dry anymore. Plus, it’s going to be so much easier to go to sleep.