Infrared Sauna

Spa and Wellness

Heat production

The infrared radiations are artificially generated in these ‘infrared saunas’ which are similar to that generated by the sun. They emit infrared radiant heat which is highly beneficial to the body.

Infrared is a part of the ‘electromagnetic wave spectrum’ which falls under the ‘invisible light’ spectrum zone. The rays of these infrared lights are scientifically termed as ‘infrared rays’. The infra band is not visible to human eye, but its presence can be felt as it is perceived by our body in the form of heat.

Here, the heat production is done with the assistance of infrared heaters. This category of Sauna baths have the same environment as that of conventional sauna with the added benefits of the infrared radiations.

Benefits of infrared sauna over conventional sauna

Infrared helps in cell activation, increasing the metabolism rates and works as an antioxidant nutrient. It is also useful in faster healing of wounds and regeneration process of cells.

As compared to the conventional saunas, in the infrared sauna, the heat penetration is higher, which is about 1.5 inches into the body. This property is very advantageous in the healing of tissue injuries and other disease like arthritis.

These radiations also kill acne producing bacteria and helps in dealing with some special skin related disorders.

In infrared type sauna, preheating is not necessary which saves on time and electricity and the operating costs. Apart from this, infrared sauna directly heats up the body which means that the air around is comparatively cooler and more comfortable and the sweat produced is of the same level. Hence this low heat type is more useful to the people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

In traditional sauna, heat is produced by indirect means, wherein first convection takes place and then conduction. Whereas in infrared type, heat is directly converted this keeps the body warm by penetrating up to greater skin depth.