Exercise for Weight Loss, Sedentarization and Nutrition

Weight Loss

Designed to move and be dynamic, man today tends to shut himself up. Our bodies designed to run through large spaces, our life today coming down to “traveling” from bed to table in the dining room towards the car seat and the comfortable office chair. And then from the restaurant to the living room sofa and… to the bed. However, not so long ago, we walked for miles and miles to get to school, to work in the fields, to the city, to the market.

Today, the car and the timetables designed by the administration deprive us of physical exercise which has become the sport of some hikers or joggers. In fact, specialists agree that the lack of physical exercise added to an inappropriate food, often ingested with haste, puts man in real danger for his health and repercussions on his life. every day.

Also, only an awareness of the harmful effects of the lifestyle that we lead, concretized by a plan of action well-conceived and carefully applied in everyday life can save us from any disease generated by overweight or obesity. Exercise is essential, experts say. But they claim that if you only exercise and do not improve your diet, you may be able to lose some weight for a while.

However, it will not be sustainable, unless the exercise is part of a complete weight loss program. The regularity of your exercise sessions is the guarantee of the weight loss process. Here’s what the specialists recommend you do every day, so you can get the exercise you need.

1. Make sure you get enough restful sleep. With good sleep patterns, the body is more willing to exercise. A body in poor health, because it has not recovered during the night’s sleep, is less likely to engage in physical activity during the day. In addition, there is evidence that you tend to eat more when you are tired, using food as a substance for the rest you need.

2. Go ahead for the implementation of this simple program to implement. Take a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes five times a week. The walks carried out with a brisk walk, are beneficial for health and mental and are worth it.

3. Walk the treadmill in bad weather when watching your favorite TV shows, if your treadmill can be installed in your living room. People who find excuses for lack of time usually lie because they don’t make physical activity their priority. This is why it is necessary to insist on integrating exercise into your daily agenda. Practice unlimited exercise that does you well without mixing it with your work or your personal life. Always keep in mind that if you exercise regularly and if you eat a healthy and balanced diet, you prevent many health problems because you are blocking the way to gaining weight. The path to good health for you and your family is through this weight loss program, yet so simple to implement.