New Endoscopic Procedures Like Gastric Balloon in India Offers Alternative to Bariatric Surgery

Weight Loss

Bariatric Surgery

With the accelerating rate of obesity across the globe, patients are continuously in search of appropriate solutions. Until recent times, people who were unable to combat obesity through changes in diet and lifestyle, exercise or medication, had bariatric surgery as a last resort. But the anxiety and fear of undergoing the surgical process due to the risks and complications associated prevented many patients from getting treated.

The evolution of the new endoscopic procedures has been successful in filling the gap between lifestyle interventions and bariatric surgery. With the use of the non-invasive procedures like a gastric balloon, the highly skilled bariatric surgeons are providing quality solutions for weight loss.

Through the endoscopic procedures, the experts are reducing the risks and complications and increasing the chances of success among patients across the globe. Providing better health benefits and enhancing the quality of life has been made successful through the new endoscopic procedures.

Gastric Balloon Procedure in India

The gastric balloon is an innovative and non-surgical option for patients looking for quality treatment for obesity. With the use of advanced endoscopic techniques, the top bariatric surgeons in India are putting in their best efforts to provide optimal outcomes to obesity patients around the world. Being a safe and reversible technique that requires no incisions, gastric balloon is becoming widely popular.

In this procedure, with the use of endoscopic techniques, the inflatable balloon is inserted into the stomach of the patient. Once the balloon gets inflated and occupies space in the stomach of the patient, hunger gets reduced. This helps the patients to eat smaller amounts of food, thereby enabling effective weight loss. With the change in eating patterns, leading a healthier lifestyle becomes easy.

Gastric Balloon: A Better Alternative to Bariatric Surgery

While it is hard to deal with obesity conditions, it might be a fearful experience to undergo bariatric surgery. For the individuals who do not want to undergo surgery yet lose weight effectively, the new endoscopic procedure – gastric balloon is the best option. Some of the reasons why the gastric balloon is an alternative to bariatric surgery are:

  • Non-Surgical Procedure

Being a non-surgical procedure, the patients do not have fear about the risks of surgery. Through the endoscopic techniques, the silicone balloon is placed in the stomach and inflated with saline. With the inflation of the balloon, the weight loss process starts without the involvement of any complex procedures or change in the physiology of the body.

  • Effective Weight Loss

Within six months of undergoing this procedure, the patients will experience significant weight loss. Even after the balloon gets removed, the patients continue losing weight and maintain a healthy as well as active life. The long-lasting weight loss outcomes are one of the prime reasons to choose gastric balloon for weight loss.

  • Healthier Life

Once the patients fall into the routine of the new diet and exercise introduced during the gastric balloon, they continue with the same lifelong. It not only helps in maintaining a standard weight but also helps in preventing obesity-related diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis, and high blood pressure. With changes in eating habits, leading a healthy life becomes easier.

  • Affordable

As compared to the other bariatric surgical procedures, the gastric balloon costs much less. Being affordable in nature with effective results, more and more people are choosing gastric balloon as an alternative to bariatric surgery.

  • Quick Recovery

As the patients do not have to undergo any surgery, the recovery is very quick. You just have to get adjusted to the feeling of being full. With a short or no recovery period, you can pursue your routine work with renewed zeal for a healthier life.

With the enhanced treatment of obesity and successful outcomes, the new endoscopic procedure of gastric balloon is rapidly gaining popularity. With non-surgical gastric balloon in India, patients can easily lose weight and lead a healthy life free from obesity-related health issues.