Lingerie: What Not To Wear

Womens Issues

Your lingerie, what goes under your clothes, is just as important as the clothes you wear and can dramatically affect how you look. Perfectly fitting undergarments will make you appear slimmer and can take your look from ordinary to extraordinary, immediately. Because lingerie cannot be seen it is sometimes overlooked as not being important. Besides affecting the look of your outside garments wearing lingerie that we feel good in and fits well is pampering that we owe ourselves. When we feel good we look better.

1. Don’t wear lingerie that is tatered or does not fit properly. Wear lingerie that is feminine and notice how good it makes you feel. It’s amazing how lacy, sexy undergarments can make you feel more attractive.

2. Avoid showing panty lines. When wearing skirts or pants that are snug enough to show panty lines wear thong underwear.

3. Choosing the perfect bra is essential. A bra that cuts into your back will cause unsightly bulges and bras that do not provide enough support will allow your bust to sag and will make you appear frumpy and older. Pushup bras are for a small to medium bust and will make a large bust look larger. Take time to choose a bra that keeps your bust where it should be and feels comfortable.

4. White or light colored pantyhose will make your legs appear larger and is really something that should not be worn. Bright and shimmery pantyhose will also bring attention to your legs as will black pantyhose. However, black pantyhose brings attention in a different way. Black pantyhose will make your legs appear smaller but will define the shape. So, if you do not want to show off the shape of your legs, stick to neutral colors.

5. No matter what size bust you have never wear a bra that will show your nipples. For close fitting tops wear a seamless bra.

6. To avoid tummy bulges choose a one-piece bodysuit and you will look slimmer instantly.