Skincare – Which Type is Right for You?

Womens Issues

Taking care of your skin is very important no matter what your age. You can find skincare for all types of skin from dry skin to oily skin and everything in between. You can find skincare for sensitive skin, acne prone skin, and aging skin. So it’s important to know what’s available.

Oily Skin – Skincare for oily skin is usually geared toward those faces that are prone to acne breakouts. You should look for a line that also provides a moisturizer that does not contain oil.

Dry Skin – Skincare for dry skin is usually very rich and thick. There is usually a day regime and a stronger, thicker night regime. The formulations will not strip your skin of needed natural oil.

Combination Skin – Skincare for combination skin takes care of the oily parts as well as the dry parts of your face.

Aging Skin – Skincare for aging skin is ever-evolving. Some of the newest ingredients actually soften and plump wrinkles so much that they hardly show.

For each type of skin, there are several products available for use. Usually included are:

o Cleanser

o Toner

o Day moisturizer

o Day eye cream

o Night moisturizer

o Night eye cream

o Gentle scrub

o Mask

So do your research and pick a skincare that is right for your type of skin. Then stick to it, and the benefits will be worth it!