Night Time Yoga Routine


Four gentle poses to promote healthy sleep with a night time yoga routine.

It feels so amazing to wind down, after passing through a long stressful day. The night yoga will make your night rest, a lovely and peaceful one. Below are some of the yoga poses you can perform. It will help your body to relax properly at night, after passing through the stress of the day.

The Child’s Pose:

This is a very gentle pose that you can use to warm up your body for a gentle relaxation to come by. To perform this, start by sitting on top of your bent knees. Another thing you have to do is to stretch your arms upward, and also lift your torso up. After that lower it slowly, onto your yoga mat below. The focal point in this particular type of pose, is to keep your bottom, touching your feet, while simultaneously stretching forward with your arms. The result is always great. It will cause a deep lengthening of the spine as well as stretch in the arms.

Legs up the wall inversion

This is another great yoga pose. The inversion pose, drains the blood from your lower body, and brings the mind to a state of peace. It is very simple to practice, as it involves a series of stretches and breathing that must be followed accordingly. Your yoga instructor will tell you what to do, especially if you are new to yoga.

The rolling pose

We encounter a lot stressful activities almost every day. Most times, we even over work our body, both physically and mentally, to the extent that we even breakdown. At this point, we begin to look for how we can relax the body or bring it back to shape. Yoga can help us to reduce tension, which are built up over the course of the day. An example of such pose that can be of help to us is the rolling pose. When performing this particular type of yoga pose, ensure that you do it several times, in order to promote the release of fluid in the spine.

The Corpse pose

The corpse pose is just the best way you can put an end to your night time yoga routine. The simple reason is because it mimics sleep. One thing you must do while performing this pose is to concentrate on your adjustment. This is necessary, to promote ultimate relaxation.

What’s great about this nighttime yoga routine is that it can be completed in the five minutes before you go to bed. Just dedicate one to two minutes per pose. These poses can even be completed in bed!