Yoga Inspiration


Yoga is a pure and holistic way of life that integrates all elements of ancient knowledge of Vedas to make a prayerful discipline uniting the body, mind and soul with the universe.

So here we have for the fun loving yogini, ruched elastic band Harem yoga pants, flowy and comfy, loose, made from light weight & airy natural fabrics that are so easy-to-wear and wash. Striped and patterned fabrics, mandala, peacock design or om prints, the baggy trouser pants are available in a multitude of colors. Pair the boho genie pants with a simple kurta or yoga tees, add mala beads and you are set to ablaze the bhakti.

Harem Pants:-

Harem Pants are very easy to wear and it is very comfortable to do any kind of exercises. These Yoga pants are made up of beautiful hand made vintage sari fabric with authentic border trims. The fabric is a light weight Vintage Sari silk, these are really fun and cool to look at. It is perfect for spring, summer and fall seasons with your funky shoes; also perfect for dancers, artists, yogis and yoginis, and expecting moms

Palazzo Pants For Yoga:-

Rayon Palazzo Pant with elasticated waistband with ethnic printed design. Loose flowy legs and ruched waist bands our palazo pants are comfy casual chic. For workout, Yoga, massage, Casual, daily wear and comfortable in every seasons.

Malabeads for Yoga:-

Meditation through mantras, rudraksh mala strung with stones and yantras help bring a focus to your intention. The search for meaning to your actions and the results that follow are futile, this is what He intended, all you are is His method of deliverance. The spiritual universe manifests as mantras streaming the mind and then as infinite space illuminated with magnetic powerful energy, every particle in my body knows his divine presence, he is the supreme being, Shiva, Pure consciousness, he permeates my being… peace, peace, peace.

Spiritual Tees Tunics for Yoga:-

Unisex tees is appropriate apparel for Men and women, both can wear it. Very soft to touch t-shirts give smooth comfort, stylish relaxed fit. Cotton tunics and kurtas are loose shirts made from breatheable cotton fabric and you can team it up with skirts, and jeans.

Shri Yantras for Yoga:-

The worship of the Shri Chakra is central to the Shri Vidya system of Hindu worship. The Sri Yantra also represents the union of Masculine and Feminine Divine. Simple and elegant. Yantra pendants or altars are cosmic symbols of divine energy that bring a focus to your meditation and create a force field around you. Energize your chakras combining malas and yantras and bring a multitude of blessings to your efforts