Yoga Poses That Will Make You Look Younger


We all would grow old someday, but looking young in our physical appearance matters a lot. A lot of us would us would be looking forward to grabbing the latest anti-aging lotions, concoctions and others, just to make sure their skin stays young. What if the secret at last is not stocked up in those bottles but something else?

The first thing to note here is that, if you haven’t been doing any workout, then I suggest you start now. It is not like you should go out and start running a marathon, off course that might make your face sag even more. There are special yoga poses that can make you look even younger. You can incorporate them into your daily workout routine or into your current workout. It will help you to combat the unflattering signs of aging.

There is something very special about these anti-aging yoga poses. What set them apart from the other hundreds of yoga poses is that they all create an action that causes your head to go below your waist. This will cause blood to rush towards your head, thus improving circulation particularly in the areas of your face and head. You all know what this means. When the circulation improves, there is greater delivery of oxygen as well as nutrients to the skin. Having skin cells, will aid in boosting the production of collagen. This in turn will keep your face looking plumper and less of wrinkles.

The benefits that these yoga offers to women are so great. Practicing these particular types of yoga, together with other workouts for women, will help to stimulate lymphatic drainage. This will rid the body of waste products. Of course you are aware that once waste are gotten rid of, it will cause your skin to be clear and glowing. Yes! This is what every woman crave for. Especially when old age comes. The body needs constant workouts as well. As you practice these poses, you should also remember to stay consistent. Do not just get in and out. Create a working plan that will help you make sure you get busy with them almost every day. Apart from all the benefits listed here, practicing these anti-aging yoga poses will also help you to breathe more. This will cause your blood to flow more rapidly, all over your body. And remember, you should not hold your breath while you are doing these poses. This action alone, will cause your skin to produce more collagen.

If you compare the cost of buying creams to make you look younger, you will not hesitate to adopt these poses. Here are the poses

1. Plow pose

2. Fish pose

3. Dolphin pose

4. Forward bend pose

5. Shoulder stand pose

6. Downward facing dog pose

All these are the anti-aging yoga poses that can be added to your workout, to transform your health and fitness.