Yoga – Wellness & Spirituality


Yoga is an ancient science that contains various principles that are associated with health & well-being. The science is full of pranayama, asana and mudras. These are physical exercises that help in making the body healthy. The pranayama and asana are very effective in empowering various systems of the body. This eventually results in boosting the health standards of an individual.

We all have seen the drastic change in our lifestyle. This has brought instability, imbalance & discomfort in our lives. All these factors have given rise to several problems or diseases. For example, nowadays, the majority of people including males, females & even kids are suffering from diabetes. This is a very serious problem and modern medicines are not capable of combating this disease.

Yoga is considered as the perfect cure for this problem. It harbors pranayama & asana that help in controlling the blood sugar level in the body. The most powerful treatment of diabetes is physical exercise. Yoga asana help in reducing the level of calorie in the body. The stress is considered as the root cause of this disease. The yoga is considered as the excellent healer of this problem. The “Lotus Pose” is the famous yoga asana that helps in controlling the stress. The pose is basically used for meditation and it helps in providing relief from stress.

The yoga is very effective in improving the strength of muscle & bones. There are several asana like Bhekasana, Dhanurasana, Chakki Chalan (Grinding Pose), Nauka Chalan (Boat Pose), Sarvangasana, etc. These yoga asana help in enhancing the blood circulation in the body. These asana are very effective in providing flexibility to the muscle & bone. Moreover, doing asana on a regular basis help in providing significant strength to the muscle tissue.

Yoga is also very effective in providing the cure for various respiration- related disease. Yoga poses like “anulom vilom”, “kapabhatti”, etc are some of the very useful yoga pranayama that help in improving the overall functionality of the lungs.

How Is Yoga Connected to Spirituality?

The scope of yoga is not limited to mere physical exercise. It is more towards spirituality. Performing yoga asana on a regular basis helps in removing the negative energy from the body. The principles of yoga help in transforming you into a better human being. This is very useful in lightening up the spirit of an individual which eventually results in increasing the concentration level of an individual.

How to learn yoga?

There are several yoga training centers that are offering yoga teacher training courses. In these sessions, the practical, as well as theoretical aspects of this ancient science is covered. The trainers provide practical exposure to different asana & mudras so that the practitioners know how to perform these in a proper manner.


It is mandatory to learn yoga from the expert in order to avail several health benefits. The reason behind this is that it is the trainer helps you in achieving the spirituality as well as understanding this science in a proper manner.